Learning Vietnamese with Assimil and Tuttle

And why not learning Vietnamese?

There you go!

I am barely starting but I want to share what I found and I think they are both good:

Easy Vietnamese – Tuttle publishing (224 pages, ISBN 9780804851961) by Bac Hoai Tran

I am combining these 2 books at the moment. This one is great because they give examples sentences with variation and ask you to do the same. They emphathize also on the Kinship terms with easy explanations. The audios are going on a normal path, which doesn’t help much to understand the tones or so. But clear book, I recommend it.

Rating : ●●●●


vietnamien assimil

Le vietnamien – Assimil 2019 (732 pages, ISBN 2700581121) by Do the Dung

I like the slow and good quality audio and easy vocabulary from the beginning. I am not far so I can’t tell more from now.

Rating : ●●●●