Learning Brazilian Portuguese with Assimil, Routledge, Hoepli…

It’s been around 4 months that I am learning Brazilian Portuguese. That’s fun and easy when you speak French and learned Spanish at school.  All of the books can help you reach A1 and sometimes A2.

Le Brésilien tout de suite! – Langue pour tous, Pocket. (160 pages, ISBN-10: 2266173693) by Sylvie Colin

First, I learned the basics with this book, which helped me a lot to learn Polish too. Every lesson you have one page to say “I like…, I don’t like”, with different examples for everyday life. Seeing different examples with the same structure, helps, more than one  example for one verb, in my opinion. I recommend, it is clear, usefull, full of cultural tips.

Rating : ●●●●●



Corso di brasiliano vol.1 – Hoepli (272 pages, ISBN: 9788820366131) by Giulia Lanciani, Salvador Pippa and Carla Valeria de Souza Faria

This book is in italian, which doesn’t help a lot even if I can guess part of what’s going on. But a really good book, dialogue, vocabulary, exercices, grammar. It is well done, maybe a bit scholar (but I like). Here you can find some pictures of the book (click on the picture to enlarge):

They also have a second book for B1-B2: ISBN: 9788820367183.

My regret, not speaking italian lol. But I recommend definately! And the book is  A4 format, the others are pocket.

Rating : ●●●●●


Le portugais du brésil – Assimil (600 pages, ISBN: 270057107X) by Juliana Grazini dos Santos, Monica Hallberg and Marie-Pierre Mazéas

I almsot finished that book (lesson 66 out of 100), fisrt time I go this far with an Assimil method. I think that the recent books or updates that Assimil is making, are better than before. The old ones I could put my hands on have too much(pointless?) vocabulary too fast and the exercices by Assimil are always super short. But the recents have easier lessons for a beginne: you start with greetings, how are you… and not directly “oh where is the underground station, I am late”. I would reproach this one to be a bit boring after a while (I would guess the exercices aren’t helping compared to Corso di Brasiliano or Colloquial which are various) but you learn everyday life vocabulary or expressions that you can use fast (I tried it myself hehe). I recommend this book as well. And almost a cultural tip or anecdot for every lesson, never seen it before, that’s amazing and keep yourself motivated.

Rating : ●●●●



Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil – Routledge (366 pages, ISBN: 9780415743969) by Viviane Gontijo

I am starting this book now, on chapter 3. I noticed some mistakes (one audio sentence missing, exercice mistake) but overall, it reminds me of the Corso di brasiliano, with a more everyday life conversation to it. Easy from the beginning, the grammar is easy to understand and usefull for everyday life.

Rating : ●●●●●


Now, if I had to put an order on which one is the best to start and followed by the others (always good to mix ressources): 1 Le Bréilien tout de suite (easy first steps), 2 Colloquial and Assimil, 3 Corso di Brasiliano (they give a lot of vocabulary fast and I think it is good as a 2nd book or to be sure of what you learned)