Méthodes pour apprendre le cantonais

(à compléter)

Le cantonais –  2014, Assimil [100 leçons; 673 p.]  – Christie Wong

ISBN: 978-2-7005-0420-0

Transcritpion Jyutping

Corso di lingua cantonese 2017, Hoepli [16 leçons; 228 p.]Jimmy Kin-Wah Lam and Luisa M. Paternicò

ISBN: 978-88-203-7557-7

Transcription Yale

A shortcut to Cantonese (an innovative approach for English and Putonghua speakers) 2013, Greenwood Press HK [10 leçons; 168 p.] – Yin-Ping Cream Lee and Shin Kataoka

ISBN: 978-962-279-293-7

Transcritpion Jyutping

Decoding Chinese Characters, an introduction to reading and writting2016, Greenwood Press HK [10 leçons; 287 p.] – Bun-Ching Chow

ISBN: 978-962-279-299-9

Transcritpion Jyutping + Yale

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